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Where do I get my "official Buddhist" membership card? - Hot Buddhist on Buddhist Action! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Hot Buddhist on Buddhist Action!

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Where do I get my "official Buddhist" membership card? [Nov. 18th, 2006|11:32 am]
Hot Buddhist on Buddhist Action!
OK, so I've found out that I can't get it at Barnes and Noble or on the Internet... Everyone keeps telling me I'm not a "real Buddhist," and I don't understand, where they got their membership cards, and why I can't get one. What do I have to do to get one? Stop eating meat? Learn another language? Go to a temple? Who do I send a check and a letter to once I've done all these things? I'm sure I'll be that much closer to True Enlightenment!! when I get my card and can say "I'm a real Buddhist now!"

But why do I get the feeling this isn't the point...?

[User Picture]From: bodhiseeds80
2006-11-18 05:18 pm (UTC)
you gotta do the truffle shuffle, and listen to Barry Manilow on repeat for 48 hours. then you are a buddhist.
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[User Picture]From: wordsonascreen
2006-11-18 05:36 pm (UTC)
It's a lesson in the folly of identity formation.
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[User Picture]From: fivebells
2006-11-19 01:11 pm (UTC)
The best part about being a Real Buddhist is you get to know who all the other Real Buddhists are, and call out all the poseurs on the internet. It's a trip!

But even if you make it, you're in for a rough time, I'm afraid. We established this weekend that the Old Masters had a lock on the Truth, so as a girl, you're ALWAYS gonna be INFERIOR TO BOYS LIKE ME. If you would just bow each time you see me on buddhists, it might improve your karma enough to make you a boy next time.
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