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feathery yellow avian dingoes

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Feathery Yellow Avian Dingoes!

buddhists doing it wrong?
Got Trolled and Can't HAND?
Can't find the maintainers?

This is the place to work out your differences, Buddha-style.

When you can't let it go, let it out here!

Here, we perfect the compassionate flamewar, saluting the turd in the lotus.

Also, please try to be funny.

Om Mani Padme &^%$*&!

The Rules:
1) as long as it's consistent with LJ's TOS, it's okay here
2) funnier = better
3) remember that getting upset about a forum post is really the only way you can "lose" at the internet
4) the only other thing prohibited is rank spam (e.g., bot-posted free ipod stuff)
5) Godwin's law is in effect